How to Migrate Gmail to Google Workspace?

If we take a closer look at the real meaning of the email migration process, it is all about copying email messages from the existing account to another account. This generally happens when you need to migrate email from Gmail to a Google Workspace account. In this blog, you will get an efficient and effective way to Migrate Gmail to Google Workspace.

Gmail is a viable and affordable email service around the world. If you are one of those users wondering how to migrate Gmail to Google Workspace, then this article is for you. In the following sections, you will learn effective methods to migrate emails from Gmail to Google Workspace and save your crucial time.

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As we know, Gmail and Google Workspace are somewhat similar in terms of webmail services, but there are several things that make Google Workspace formerly known as Google Workspace a better cloud application. Therefore, Gmail is suitable for personal use, and if we talk about professional and business purposes, Google Workspace is more suitable than Gmail as a centralized email management. If you are thinking about migrating Gmail to Google Workspace, then it is worth investing in Google Workspace to do business work conveniently.

Most Common Reasons to Migrate Gmail to Google Workspace

If you have already compared Gmail and Google Workspace and still haven’t come to a conclusion, you must read the following points to know why you should migrate Gmail to Google Workspace.

Google Workspace is a completely cloud-based system that is more flexible and scalable compared to Gmail. So as your needs and requirements change, Google Workspace is the best option for you.

Google Workspace offers various applications like Gmail, Google Voice, Hangouts, Google Sheets, Google Voice. Also, these applications are beautifully integrated with each other, making it easier for users to collaborate, while Gmail is a single application that only offers email services.

How to Migrate emails from Gmail to Google Workspace, Automatically?

For simplifying the working process of Gmail to G Suite migration, using a professional tool would be a right choice. Gmail Migration Tool is one amazing tool available to migrate emails from Gmail to Google Workspace. The software offers an easy to use interface to transfer Gmail emails to Google Workspace along with complete data and attachments. With this Gmail to Google Workspace migration Tool transferring your Gmail emails, contacts, tasks, calendar, notes and all other Gmail attributes is easier than ever. At just 4 simple clicks this tool will migrate Gmail to Google Workspace with least effort.

For a smooth Gmail to Google Workspace email migration, download this free utility on any Windows-based platform.

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You can also use this tool to migrate Gmail to iCloud, Yahoo Mail, Zoho Mail, Exchange Online, Thunderbird,, Office 365 etc. This tool is standalone utility that is especially designed to complete Gmail migration process in more secure and reliable way.

Step by step solution to migrate Gmail to Google Workspace

Follow the steps which are mentioned below to perform Gmail to G Suite migration process with ease.

1. Install and run this tool on your Windows computer.

export emails fromGmail to Google Workspace

2. Enter the Gmail account credentials i.e. email address and password.

transfer emails fromGmail to G Suite

3. You will get all mail folders of Gmail account on the interface. Choose according to your needs and requirements.

migrate Gmail to Google Workspace

4. Select “G Suite” as a saving option from several options.

gmail migration tool

5. Enter your Google Workspace account credentials such as email address and password.

export emails from Gmail to G Suite

6. Finally, click on the “Backup” button to start the Gmail to G Suite migration process.

migrate Gmail to Google Workspace

Now this tool will start exporting Gmail emails to Google Workspace. With this free utility and all attachments, it is much easier to migrate from Gmail to G Suite.

Prominent Features of Gmail Migration Tool

  • We can directly migrate emails from Gmail to Google Workspace using this tool. It facilitates the immediate transfer of Gmail data to Google Workspace account.
  • The tool aids in the preservation of folder structure while migrating from Gmail to Google Workspace. It keeps all folders and subfolders in Gmail organized in the same way they are in your Gmail account.
  • Even after the migration, all Google Workspace email attachments remained the same as they were in Gmail. That is, all email attachments are correctly transferred in their original format.
  • The tool allows you to migrate your emails from Google Workspace to Gmail without any size restrictions.
  • The tool shows the status of the migration process in real time. With the converted data count, users can easily track the migrated data.
  • Users can easily import Gmail emails into the software panel by entering account credentials, which is a simple option for converting Gmail to Google Workspace.
  • It facilitates a seamless migration from Gmail to Google Workspace. This automated solution will assist you in switching from Gmail to Google Workspace without having to make any changes.

Final Words

Migration of emails from Gmail to Google Workspace could be tricky and lengthy, if you try manually. But, with using Gmail Migration Tool, it can be effectively and effortlessly transfer emails from Gmail to Google Workspace account. Along with best methods, I have also highlighted some points why should you move from Gmail to Google Workspace.