How to Migrate Gmail to Webmail?

If you are looking for a solution to migrate Gmail to Webmail, then your search ends here. We have received a lot of your queries on “How Do I migrate Gmail to Webmail?” we always tried to cover all those queries related to Gmail Migration. That’s why we have created this blog to provide a solution for you query.

Instant Solution: Get Gmail Migration Tool which is an automated tool to transfer complete Gmail mailbox data into Webmail Account. It is one of the most easiest and simplest tool that helps you to migrate emails from Gmail to Webmail with all attachments.

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In this technological era, emails are considered as a valuable form of communication that is widely used by users. One of those email service providers, Gmail is the most popular one. Due to it’s wide acceptability, 1.5 billion active users are using Gmail as an email service. But, Now everyone is witching from Gmail to other web-based email applications.

Well, Webmail can be best alternative to Gmail, if users need to migrate Gmail to Webmail. Webmail is a Computer Software that is used to manage and access email accounts via web browsers. Users can access webmail through cPanel using the server’s IP address, domain.

If you are an individual and needs an email service then you can continue with Gmail. But, if you are a business entity then Gmail wouldn’t be a good option for you. Webmail can be alternatively used to manage business emails and contacts details easily.

How to Migrate Emails from Gmail to Webmail?

Though the process of Gmail to Webmail migration seems simple in the outset, it can be tedious which needs complete attention. But, All this problem can be sort out using Gmail Migration Tool. It permits users to migrate emails from Gmail to Webmail with all emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, other information. It facilitates Gmail mailbox migration and comes with advanced email filters that permit you to migrate selected mailbox data using filters like date range and item-type.

You can also use this tool to transfer emails from Gmail to various 30+ email services. Such as migrate Gmail to another Gmail, Google workspace, iCloud, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Zoho Mail etc.

Step-by-Step Guide to Migrate Gmail Emails to Webmail

Gmail migration Tool is extremely helpful to migrate emails from Gmail to Webmail. In order to transfer emails from Gmail to Webmail account, you need to follow simple step-by-step guide as follow;

1. Install and run Gmail Migration Tool in your Windows computer.

migrate Gmail to webmail

2. Now, Enter your login credentials of your Gmail account and press the “Login” Button.

gmail migration tool

3. The Tool will start sync and fetch mailbox folders from your Gmail account. Choose required folders to move from Gmail to Webmail account.

migrate Gmail to webmail

4. Thereafter, Select “IMAP Server” as a saving option from the list of 30+ Options.

export emails from Gmail to webmail

5. After that, Enter your Webmail login credentials i.e. Email address and password.

transfer emails from Gmail to webmail

6. Last and Final Step is to press the “Backup” button to start Gmail to Webmail Migration Process.

migrate Gmail to webmail

That’s it!! This is how you can easily migrate Gmail emails to Webmail account without losing any data. After the successful migration, you can access your Gmail account and check your Gmail emails there.

Few noteworthy features of Gmail Migration Tool includes;

  • Complete Migration: The ability to export entire mailbox folders of Gmail emails to Webmail account is extremely powerful. It successfully transfers all mailbox folders from Gmail to Webmail, including inbox, drafts, sent items, notes, and so on.
  • Maintains Folder Structure: The tool is capable of preserving the original folder hierarchy in order to keep all Gmail’s folder structure.
  • Maintains Email Formatting and Structure: Throughout the process, all email formatting and structure will be preserved. During the migration process, it does not change any information in email folders.
  • Bulk Migration: It allows you to migrate emails from an unlimited number of Gmail accounts. With this tool, migration of Gmail to Webmail has no restrictions.
  • Advanced Filters: You can create various types of filters to migrate only selected emails based on your preferences. You can create filters based on a date range, a subject, the sender and receiver’s information, and other criteria.
  • Free Trial Version: Download the free trial version of the Gmail to Webmail migration tool. By migrating Gmail to Webmail, you will be able to test all of the tool’s advanced features.

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Final Words

In this blog, we have mentioned the most demanding solution to migrate Gmail to Webmail. If you are also seeking for a solution then this blog is exclusively for you. Using Gmail Migration Tool, one can effortlessly transfer Gmail emails to Webmail account. It is a standalone solution which solves all of your queries related to Gmail Migration and provides a straightforward solution to Migrate Gmail emails to Webmail in few seconds.