How to Migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail?

This blog will describe an instant way to migrate emails from Gmail to Yahoo Mail with complete data. If you are among those who are looking for an instant solution to migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail, then this blog is for you.

We have such an amazing method that you will overcome you out of this types of situations with Gmail Migration Tool. It is an effortless way to migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail along with attachments and other data.

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There are dozens of reasons you might want to switch from Gmail to Yahoo Mail. Whether it’s a security issue, since Gmail reads every email you type, there’s no end-to-end encryption feature in Gmail. whatever the reason. There is always a better alternative.

One of the things that keeps users from changing their current email service is the fear of losing their important emails and contacts during the migration process. If you have the same problem, don’t worry!! Not only do you find the migration from Gmail to Yahoo Mail a bit difficult, but there is good news.

While Yahoo offers a clean and user-friendly design. In the right pane, you can access and view your calendar, contacts, messengers, and other data. Likewise. Over 200 filters are available for automatically sorting your incoming mail. While almost every user needs more customization features, Yahoo Mail gives you some extensive options to customize your mailbox.

Apart from that, users could have various reasons to migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail. Why not? Who are we to blame them? If you also think it’s time to ditch Gmail and migrate to Yahoo, read this article to find out how to do it easily.

How to Migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail using an Automated Tool

If you have decided to migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail, then it is recommended to use a safe and secure solution i.e. Gmail Migration Tool. It is an proficient Solution that will let you to complete the whole task in 4 easy steps. There could be various reasons to switch from Gmail to Yahoo, in that case, this tool will be more helpful to you due to extensive feature of this tool. Yo can selectively choose mailbox folders of Gmail and transfer it into Yahoo Mail. It is a highly professional Tool to transfer Gmail emails to Yahoo with attachments and other data.

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You can also use this migration tool to migrate Gmail to Zoho Mail, Yandex.Mail,, Yahoo Mail, Exchange Server, Webmail etc. Within few clicks, one can transfer thousands of emails from Gmail to Yahoo Mail.

Now, let’s discuss the Working steps of Gmail to Yahoo Migration Tool in more easy way.

How to Migrate Emails From Gmail to Yahoo Mail? – Step-by-Step Guide

1. Install and run the software on your system.

migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail

2. Now enter your Gmail credentials and click on the “Login” button.

transfer emails from Gmail to Yahoo Mail

Note: If you then encounter a problem, please check whether you need to enable less secure apps in your Gmail account.

3. Now this tool will automatically show all folders and subfolders of your Gmail account, select the one you want.

migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail

4. Select “Yahoo” as a saving option from the list of multiple options.

export emails from Gmail to Yahoo Mail

5. After that, enter your Yahoo Mail credentials like Yahoo email address and password.

gmail migration tool

6. Finally, click the Backup button to start the Gmail to Yahoo Mail migration process.

migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail

The tool will now quickly start transferring emails from Gmail to Yahoo Mail. Once you get a notification that the tool has completed the migration process. You can sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and access your Gmail emails in Yahoo Mail account.

Why to Choose Gmail to Yahoo Migration Tool?

  • Easy to use graphical user interface that helps both technical and non-technical people to access this handy tool without any further help.
  • It supports all current and previous versions of Windows operating system.
  • Offers a free demo version to test the efficiency and effectiveness of this tool.
  • Even after exporting from Gmail to Yahoo Mail, the folder hierarchy is preserved throughout the email migration process.
  • Migrate Gmail emails with all attachments and items to Yahoo Mail.

Final Words

It is very common nowadays to switch your current email service to another. This article tells you if you want to transfer Gmail to another email service, including Yahoo Mail. This tool proves to be a standalone solution to do other things in a very easy way. We recommend using this Gmail migration tool to easily export Gmail emails including other data to Yahoo Mail in batch.